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Any incorporated not-for-profit organization is eligible to apply to receive federal funds through Arizona State University’s Legacy Corps for Veterans and Military Families program and become a subaward grantee. This includes, but not limited to: state and county governments, faith-based organizations, Native American Tribal Programs, institutions of higher learning, veteran affiliated organizations, Area Agencies on Aging, and a host of other community-based programs.

Partner organizations must be able to meet a graduated federal match requirement. Match contributions are usually a combination of cash and in-kind resources.

Partner organizations must have written programmatic and fiscal-administrative polices and demonstrate capacity to manage a federal grant. Organizations must also have an external independent audit completed in the last two years.


Steps to Apply

1. Prospective applicants will complete a Mini-Proposal that is limited to three pages.

The mini-proposal will answer questions about the organization’s experience in managing volunteers, its programmatic and fiscal capacity, caregiver community needs, awareness of veterans- and military family- serving organizations in the area, and management experience.

Download mini-proposal document

2. Once the Mini-proposal is reviewed and approved by ASU staff, the applicant will then complete a pre-formatted budget form.

The budget is submitted and reviewed on-line for increased efficiency. The budget submission will be reviewed by ASU staff.

Normally, a first year subaward grantee is awarded 24 Quarter Time Member Volunteer slots. This equates to approximately $64,000 in federal grant dollars. Over time we would anticipate that number of Member Volunteer Slots and federal dollars would increase based on performance.

Who do I contact?

Sandi Gorley (


Linda Siegel (

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the contract year?

The start date of each grant year is September 1. The end date is August 31.

When should I apply for the grant?

We accept applications anytime during the year. It usually takes about three months to process a grant application. Applicants should apply no later than June of each year for a start date of September 1.

Who does the training of the Member Volunteers?

Member Volunteers receive approximately 15-20 hours of pre-service training. A member may use up to 20% of their total service hours in training during the year, which includes pre-service and in-service training.

ASU offers general guidance on training topics. The actual training development plan occurs at the local agency level using a variety of in-house and community resources.

Who recruits the Member Volunteers?

ASU offers guidance on recruitment best practices. Each subaward grantee is distinctively different with diverse community resources. Each subaward agency is responsible to recruit its own members. This might be in-house, advertisements on print and social media platforms, word of mouth, veteran organizations, senior housing projects, community health fairs, etc.

Who is considered a veteran or military family?

There is no certification and or documents required to verify that the member or caregiver family is a veteran and or military family member. Eligibility status is self-declared. The program serves veterans of all wars, conflicts, and eras regardless of age. If someone in the family is related to the veteran and or military family then the family is eligible for the caregiver support program.

What is a Member Living Allowance?

Each Member Volunteers receives a monthly Living Allowance. The amount is determined and varies by subaward grantee and geographic location. The average range is between $175 and $225 a month. The Living Allowance helps offset the cost of volunteering such as travel to their site assignment or other personal costs.

Is there an income limit to become a Member Volunteer?

There is no earnings test to become a member. Anyone of any income level is eligible for the program, provided they meet the eligibility requirements and pass the required Criminal History Checks.

Is there a research component to the grant?

The Legacy Corps for Veterans and Military Families program is a community-based research driven grant. All subaward grantees must agree to participate in the research component. This data is in entered into the ASU research database and generates national and site-specific outcomes. This helps attracts additional funds to your programs and supports the development of national caregiver policies.

What is the length of time a Member Volunteer may serve?

A Member Volunteer may serve up to four terms. A term is considered one-year. As member is eligible for another one-year term provided they have received a satisfactory annual evaluation from their supervisor.

How do I get paid?

This is cost-reimbursement grant. There are no advance payments. An electronic invoice is submitted each month based on the actual federal and match expenditures for the reporting period. Actual receipts are maintained at the subaward grantee agency for audit for ASU staff and or other external funders.